About Us
EscortCircle.com aims to connect Adult Entertainers with Hobbyists! This initiative was started by a team of professionals with background in many different industries - The Adult Entertainment Industry, Websites Development and Online Marketing. Andrea's experience working as an Escort for over 6 years has helped us immensely in keeping EscortCircle.com useful but simple to use at the same time.

We felt a need for a service like EscortCircle.com after spending numerous hours looking at the various Adult Entertainment websites on the Internet. These websites give a nice tool for Adult Entertainers to post Ads, and many other things, such as...umm...well that is the problem. These websites don't offer much else.

Adult Entertainers are real people, who have a very real fan base! We saw a need for these entertainers to be able to connect with their audience, provide them up to date information about their whereabouts, offer their regular clients special discounts, among other things..hence EscortCircle.com was born!